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what paint to use on jute bags

what paint to use on jute bags – 5 Paints with 5Benefits

A plant fiber with its ability to turn into very strong and rough thread is widely known as jute fiber. Individual jute fibers are long, shiny and soft in nature. Along with cotton fiber jute fiber is one of the most economic plant fibers. Lignin and cellulose are the key chemical materials of jute fiber.

The Desirable Properties of Jute Fibre

The main properties of jute fibers are these:

  • As jute fibers are relatively cheap, they are affordable by the uses.
  • Jute fibres are relatively soft.
  • One important property of jute fibre is that it is quite shiny.
  • The jute fibre is quite uniform as obtained from the jute plant. This makes them desirable commercially.
  • Jute plants harvest fibres, which are relatively high length.
  • Due to its highly versatile nature jute is also known as the golden fibre.

Applications of Jute Fibers

This are some important uses of jute fiber:

  • The main application of jute fibers is for the production of twine and matting. In the making of rope jute fibre is also used widely.
  • To secure the soil due to flood jute matting is a very good option. After natural vegetation these methods are applied.
  • For matting and securing the soil jute fibre is widely used as it 100% biodegradable and natural.
  • In the production of sack and cloth jute is used. As cloths made from jute fiber is quite rough so it is unsuitable for human. They are widely used in producing sacks for storing many products.
  • For the production of certain curtains, they are used widely.
  • For the production of carpets and area rugs jute fibres are is also used for chair covering.

Many young trees are planted on containers made from jute fibre. Jute fibre will be able to prevent the soil erosion and also will not disturb the root. As the fibre is biodegradable, eventually it will be broken down.

  • Jute fibres are also used in the production of canvas and carpet backing cloth popularly abbreviated to CBC.

5 Benefits of Jute Shopping Bags


Shopping bags made out of jute fiber are very strong and able to carry more weight than other bags. If you are shopping for your family jute shopping bags are one of the best.

Low Maintenance

Jute fiber bags are very easily maintainable, you can just rub it with a wet and warm cloth. As it is a natural fiber, you can’t wash it as its color and structure may change.


Jute bags may last more than two years if taken good care. As compared to plastic bags if a jute fibre bag is used 40 times you are lowering carbon footprint and also reduce waste. To ensure it lasts long please dry your bag if it is accidently wet.


Jute fiber degrades biologically approximately in one to two years. When used jute bags to maximum level, it can be used as plant fertilizer. Disposing of jute bag has least environmental effect.


Jute bags can be transformed in many shapes. Because of their flexibility, jute bags can have any shape and size. Artistic designed bags can be made by dying jute.

What Paint to Use on Jute Bags

Jute bags are extremely adaptable which makes them perfect for crafting. All needed is what color is needed to apply on them. With plenty of creativity and little paint, jute bag can be turned into attractable from its rough and raw look.

Acrylic Craft Paints

Acrylic craft paint is already mixed in many complex colors. So, it saves you from buying various paint colors to make your idea real. As acrylic paint dries quickly it allows adding multiple layers of design. With acrylic paint your jute bag is going to outlast, once faded out new designs can be applied. To keep your jute fibre bag, look fresh and new, you can change the look anytime.

Oil Paints

Oil paints take longer time to dry than acrylic paints. Oil paints are easier to mix, blend and transition the colors. The jute fibre is degraded overtime as oil paints require enough time to dry.

Water Colors

As the water colors don’t hang around a long time so they are not that much popular. Water color can be a good option if you want to repurpose your bag. As water colors are versatile so breath taking and abstract painting can be done. Water colors designs are short lived. It fades away with time and if the bag is washed the color may disappear.

Spray Paints

Spray paints can be used to decorate jute bags. Spray paints can make great design when you want your bags look for long time. A distance of 12-18 inches should be kept between the jute bag and spray can.

Latex Paints

Latex paints are found to have higher color retention than oil paints. The advantage with latex paint is that jute doesn’t loose its flexibility. By oil painting the design will dry and harden, after that the design will start cracking. But with latex paint the painting is not damaged and bag remains the same by folding or bending it.

Chalk Paints

Normally chalk paints are used on surfaces and furniture’s. There are several benefits with this paint. Requirement of lot preparation is not there. It saves lot of time and quality of your design is not compromised. You have to make sure that jute surface is clean. The paint will fade like watercolor. The lines are not sharpest and paint will also harden.

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