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Jute Bag Price in Bangladesh

Eco-friendly and Affordable: Jute Bag Price in Bangladesh

Are you looking for an affordable, eco-friendly jute bag price in Bangladesh? What is the price of the best jute bag in Bangladesh! Jute bags are not only durable and biodegradable, but also incredibly stylish. And where else can they be found than in Bangladesh – a country known for its thriving jute industry? We will explore the different types of jute bags available in Bangladesh and their prices so that you can choose your next shopping companion. So let’s dive right in!

Introduction to Jute Bags and their Benefits

Long, silky, and glossy, jute is a vegetable fiber that may be spun into strong, coarse threads. It is generally made from plants in the Corchorus genus, formerly included in the Tiliaceae or, more recently, the Malvaceae family. Corchorus olitorius is the main source of fiber, but it is viewed as inferior to Corchorus capsularis. The only natural material that costs less than cotton is jute, one of the most widely used.

Jute bag price in Bangladesh varies depending on their size and quality. However, they are generally very affordable and offer a great eco-friendly option for reducing their reliance on plastic bags. Jute bags are reusable and therefore help to reduce wastefulness and pollution. They are also biodegradable, meaning they will not clog up landfills like plastic bags can. Jute bags come in various colors and styles, so it is sure to suit your needs.

Overview of the Jute Bag Industry in Bangladesh

A coarse, strong thread can be spun from jute, a soft, shiny vegetable fiber. It is produced primarily in Bangladesh, India, and China. Bangladeshi jute is the best in the world in terms of quality.

The jute bag industry in Bangladesh has been growing rapidly in recent years. The country has become the leading producer and exporter of jute bags, accounting for more than 60% of the global market share.

There are two main types of jute bags: those made from natural fibers and those made from recycled materials. Natural fiber jute bags are more durable and eco-friendly but also more expensive. Recycled material jute bags are less costly but less durable or eco-friendly.

The price of jute bags varies depending on the type of bag, the size, and the quantity ordered. Wholesale prices for natural fiber jute bags range from $0.50 to $1.00 per bag, while wholesale prices for recycled material jute bags range from $0.20 to $0.50.

The growing demand for eco-friendly products has increased the price of jute bags in recent years. However, the price is still relatively low compared to other eco-friendly options such as canvas or nylon bags.

Pricing Factors that Affect Jute Bag Prices in Bangladesh

Jute is a tropical plant that grows mainly in Bangladesh, India, and China. The plant makes several products, including bags, ropes, and mats. Jute is a relatively inexpensive material, making it a popular choice for eco-friendly products.

However, the price of jute bags can vary significantly depending on some factors. Here are some of the main pricing factors that affect jute bag prices in Bangladesh:

1) The type of jute used: There are two main types of jute – white jute and tossa jute. White jute is the more expensive, while tossa jute is less expensive and less durable.

2) The size of the bag: Jute bags come in various sizes, from small pouches to large sacks. The price will increase with the size of the pack.

3) The number of colors used: Jute can be dyed any color so that bags can be made in single or multiple colors. Bags with multiple colors will be more expensive than those with just one color.

4) The printing or embroidery: Some bags may have printing or embroidery, which will add to the cost.

5) The handles: Jute bags can have rope or fabric handles. Fabric handles are more expensive than rope handles but will last longer.

Different Kinds of Jute Bags Available

Jute is a type of fiber that is extracted from the jute plant. It is a strong and durable natural fiber that can be used to make various types of products, including bags. Jute bags are becoming increasingly popular as people look for eco-friendly and affordable alternatives to plastic bags.

There are many different types of jute bags available on the market. Some common examples include:

  • Tote bags: Tote bags are large, square-shaped bags typically used for carrying groceries or other items.
  •  Shopping bags: Shopping bags are similar to totes but often have handles or straps for easy carrying.
  •  Drawstring bags: Drawstring bags are small, cylindrical-shaped bags that can be closed with a drawstring at the top. They are often used for carrying smaller items such as coins or jewelry.
  •  Sling bags: Sling bags are long, rectangular-shaped bags that can be worn over one shoulder. They are often used for carrying school books or other items.

How to Find Affordable and Eco-Friendly Jute Bags in Bangladesh

When searching, there are a few things to remember for affordable and eco-friendly jute bags in Bangladesh. The first is the price of the bag. Jute is a relatively inexpensive material, so bags made from this material should be relatively affordable. However, comparing prices between different vendors is important to ensure you get the best deal.

The second thing to consider is the environmental impact of the bag. Jute is a biodegradable and sustainable material recyclable. That means that it does not put a strain on the environment the way that synthetic materials do. Look for bags made from 100% jute fiber to minimize your impact on the planet.

Finally, consider the durability of the bag. Jute is a strong material, so a well-made bag should last years. That means that you will only have to replace your bag sometimes, which can save you money in the long run. Look for double-stitched bags with reinforced handles to ensure they stand up to regular use.

You can be certain by taking these things into account. Find an affordable and eco-friendly jute bag in Bangladesh that meets your needs.


jute bags are an eco-friendly and affordable option for Bangladeshis to shop with. With the low prices associated with jute bag production in Bangladesh, even more, people will be able to afford these convenient items. Additionally, they reduce the amount of plastic waste that would otherwise accumulate in landfills and water sources around the country. If you’re attempting to determine how to make a difference while shopping on a budget, investing in a jute bag is always a great choice!

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