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Top 13 Jute Mills in Bangladesh: Weaving Tradition and Innovation

Bangladesh, often celebrated as the land of rivers and green fields, has long been a global leader in the jute industry. The jute mills here are not just industrial hubs; they are custodians of a heritage that dates back centuries. Let’s embark on a journey through the top 13 jute mills that exemplify excellence in this golden fibre production.

1.Adamjee Jute Mills

Adamjee Jute Mills is a legendary name in Bangladesh’s jute industry. Founded in the 1950s, it was once the largest jute mill in the world. Despite its closure in 2002, its legacy continues to inspire modern jute mills in the country.

2.Latif Bawany Jute Mills Ltd.

Renowned for its high-quality jute products, Latif Bawany Jute Mills has been a prominent player since its inception. The mill combines traditional jute processing techniques with modern technologies to meet global demands.

3.Crescent Jute Mills

A symbol of resilience and quality, Crescent Jute Mills has been a stalwart in the jute sector. Known for its robust manufacturing processes, the mill produces an array of jute goods, from sacks to intricate handicrafts.

4.Gloster Limited

While Gloster Limited operates in India, its significant influence on the Bangladeshi jute market must be addressed. Its dedication to environmentally friendly operations and superior goods makes it a key player in the regional jute industry.

5.Kazi Jute Industries Limited

Kazi Jute Industries is a modern jute mill that focuses on eco-friendly practices. Its state-of-the-art facilities ensure that it produces premium jute yarn and twine, catering to both local and international markets.

6.Golden Jute Industries Limited

With a vision to revitalize the jute sector, Golden Jute Industries Limited has made a mark with its innovative products. The mill’s emphasis on research and development helps it stay ahead in the competitive market.

7.Afil Jute Weaving Mills Limited

Afil Jute Weaving Mills stands out for its dedication to quality and sustainability. The mill produces a wide range of jute products, including bags, fabrics, and geotextiles, using environmentally friendly methods.

8.Bengal Jute Industries Limited

Bengal Jute Industries Limited is known for its diverse product range and commitment to quality. The mill exports a significant portion of its products, showcasing Bangladesh’s jute craftsmanship on the global stage.

9.Janata Jute Mills Ltd.

Janata Jute Mills is one of the oldest and most respected names in the industry. Established in 1966, it has a rich history of producing high-grade jute products and continues to be a leader in innovation and quality.

10.Akij Jute Mills Ltd.

Part of the renowned Akij Group, Akij Jute Mills is synonymous with excellence. The mill’s advanced manufacturing facilities and adherence to quality standards make it a top choice for jute buyers worldwide.

11.Dhaka Cotton and Jute Mills Ltd.

This mill blends the traditional jute production process with modern techniques. Dhaka Cotton and Jute Mills is known for its efficient operations and high-quality output, making it a prominent name in the industry.

12.Anwar Jute Spinning Mills Ltd.

Anwar Jute Spinning Mills specializes in producing superior-quality jute yarns. Its dedication to eco-friendly methods and ongoing development ensures it remains at the forefront of the jute industry.

13.Haji Shamsuddin Jute Mills Ltd.

A relatively new player, Haji Shamsuddin Jute Mills has quickly gained a reputation for its high standards and innovative approaches. The mill focuses on producing eco-friendly jute product that cater to global environmental concerns.


The jute mills of Bangladesh stand as a testament to the country’s rich heritage and its ongoing commitment to sustainability and innovation. From the historic Adamjee Jute Mills to the modern and eco-friendly operations of Golden Jute Industries Limited and Akij Jute Mills, each mill plays a vital role in the global jute industry. These mills not only support the local economy but also help to preserve an age-old craft that is both environmentally friendly and economically significant. As they continue to adapt and evolve, these top 13 jute mills ensure that Bangladesh remains a leader in the production and export of this versatile and sustainable raw jute fibre, proudly showcasing the nation’s craftsmanship and industrial prowess on the world stage.

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